Abby hugging a family.

Emotional Well-Being

Children who are healthy in mind, body, and heart can thrive in every way. Mental health IS health!

Me and My Grown-Up

Celebrate the power of caring relationships in building children’s emotional well-being.

New Resources
Mind, Body, and Heart

Bodies give us clues about how we (and others!) are feeling inside.

Elmo and his dad Louie
The presence and support
of a caring adult is the most important factor in the life of a child experiencing emotional distress.
All Emotional Well-Being Resources

Find resources, activities, and videos to help children form the bonds and social connections that nurture their well-being.

images of different Muppets talking to their parents (Elmo and Louie, Wes and Elijah, etc.)
Featured Campaign
Sesame Workshop has partnered with the Ad Council’s Sound It Out campaign to distribute a new PSA with an original song, “Me & My Grown-Up.”
Rosita at a picnic with a family.

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