Count on This! 3 Things

Join Elmo and The Count as they step back, take a pause, and spotlight “the good stuff.”

Share this video with children to highlight the power of gratitude. Then try the exercise together. What brings each of you joy?

Of course, the things that bring us joy are always worth celebrating, and being able to conjure up those feelings when we need them most is a powerful strategy to use in times of distress.

In times of distress (or anytime!), pausing to focus closely on things that bring us joy can help shift our perspective. Noticing, savoring, and cherishing our favorite things helps both children and grown-ups build a positive mindset that supports emotional well-being.

In everyday moments with children, set an example by pausing, noticing aloud, and enjoying the joyful or happy feelings that your favorite things bring up. Especially in times of serious stress and crisis, children notice adults’ behavior for cues on managing their own… so your modeling is powerful!