A father and his kids are picking tomatoes from a garden.

Community Service

We all want children to think and act with respect and kindness and begin to understand ideas of fairness, equality, and justice. That’s the foundation for a happy, safe future for all our neighborhoods and communities… and, later, for the country and planet!

Abby, Elmo, and Rosita begin the Little Neighbors Club

Abby, Elmo, and Rosita are starting a new club on Sesame Street—The Little Neighbors Club! A neighbor is someone who lives in the community, and a good neighbor is someone who helps out in their neighborhood.

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Little Neighbors

There are so many ways to be kind, caring, and helpful in our neighborhoods! Check out these new resources to help children learn about the ways that they can make positive changes in their communities and the larger world.

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Find resources to help children learn how to be a good neighbors and build stronger communities.