A little girl brushing her teeth in the bathroom.


Keeping children’s smiles healthy at every age and stage is an important part of keeping their whole bodies well.

Close up of an illustrated tooth brush brushing teeth.
Featured Game
Brush Those Teeth

Kids can learn how to brush their teeth with hands-on play. Help our children learn good hygiene at an early age to support their habits for a lifetime.

Health and Hygiene
Ages 1–6
Illustrated oral hygiene supplies.
Featured Oral Health Webinar
More Than Strong Smiles: Why Oral Health Matters

Oral health is vital to kids’ well-being. It helps them stay focused and ready to learn. Providers, you can help build healthy habits and encourage super smiles. Watch this webinar to learn more.

All Teeth Resources

Find resources, activities, and videos all about learning to care for children’s teeth.

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