Julia smiles with her bunny as she sits with a young boy playing a drum.


Learn what autism is and how to celebrate and support the amazing in all children.

Understanding Autism

Every child experiences the world differently, including autistic children. Abby explains that, even though all of her friends are unique, they all want love, friendship, and to have fun!

Autism Subtopics

Explore our free, bilingual resources to help support the autistic children in your life.

Muppet Julia plays different musical instruments with two children and their mother.

Family Connections

Every family member can play a supporting role in the life of an autistic child.

Muppet Julia plays with two young girls wearing capes.

How to Make Friends

Autistic children can face unique challenges making new friends. Here are some resources that can help.

A father figure reads a book to his children as Muppet Julia looks on and smiles.

Talking About the Challenges of Autism

Parenting an autistic child can be challenging, but you are not alone

Julia plays with chalk with a young boy and girl.

Building a Skillset for Flexible Thinking

Autistic children depend on predictable routines to help them feel safe and stay on track. But routines inevitably change—that’s when having patience and flexibility becomes important!

1 in 36 Children
In the US is diagnosed with autism, according to 2020 data. That’s more than a 300% increase since 2000.
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We’re Amazing 1, 2, 3!

Help kids celebrate their similarities and differences.

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Rosita at a picnic with a family.

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