A mother helping her child wash their hands with soap and water.

Health and Hygiene

Practice healthy routines and good hygiene habits to help the whole family stay well.

How to Stay Healthy and Practice Good Hygiene

Brushing teeth, washing hands, eating well, and exercising every day all help kids grow and thrive.

Health and Hygiene Subtopics

Learn more about wellness for the whole family.

Grover with two kids at a doctors appointment.

Doctor Appointments

Visiting the doctor is an important part of staying healthy. Help children prepare by showing them what they might expect.

A child staying healthy by washing their hands with soap and water.

How to Stay Healthy

Simple routines like washing hands, covering up against mosquitos, and booking doctor appointments can help keep kids happy and healthy.

Tamir playing with a kid on the playground.

Physical Activity

Children love to move—anywhere, anytime! Being active together helps channel kids’ natural energy and keeps them healthy and strong.

A little girl brushing her teeth in the bathroom.


Keeping children’s smiles healthy at every age and stage is an important part of keeping their whole bodies well.

A mother and daughter wearing protective masks together.

Vaccines for Kids

Vaccines are an important way to help protect ourselves and our families, friends, neighbors, and entire communities.

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?
Infants need 12 to 16 hours, toddlers need 11 to 14, preschoolers need 10 to 13, and school-age kids need 9 to 12.
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A-maze-ing Apples

Learn how fruits and vegetable are healthy for your teeth!

Health and Hygiene
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