A family on the couch laughing with Elmo.

Family Bonding

Everyone benefits from spending quality time with family. With little ones, that usually involves plenty of play!

Abby and Rudy Talk About Family Bonding

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and each is unique. But one thing all families have in common is love. Check out our resources for simple, everyday ways to love, learn, laugh, and create lasting memories together.

Family Bonding Subtopics

Explore our free, bilingual resources to support all families.

Six family members standing outside, including two children getting piggyback rides with adults, all are smiling.

Blended Families

Becoming part of a blended family means big changes. Try these strategies to help everyone develop and deepen new relationships as you cope with this transition.

Father and young daughter laugh together, playing with dolls.


Explore resources to help both adults and children celebrate the role of fathers.

Two grandparents enjoy a meal with their grandchildren.


Here are resources and materials to help all children and grandparents continue to build special connections across generations.

Mother and Son hug each other and smile into camera.


Moms take care of a huge range of children’s needs—from basic physical needs to emotional needs such as attention and comfort.

Featured Storybook
Abuela Makes a Quilt

A storybook about the bonding that can happen through art.

Family Bonding
Ages 1–6
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Rosita at a picnic with a family.

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