A New Family Tradition

Children draw a picture of a new routine or ritual that their new blended family might enjoy together.

Creating special traditions with your new blended family can help everyone feel more connected. It can also help ease children’s transitions between homes. Use this page with children to talk about and plan a new family routine or ritual. You might ask:

  • What special meal or recipe could we make together on a weekend (or any particular night)?
  • What game could we all play together?
  • How could we make our new tradition extra special? (For instance, if it’s pizza night, children could make special placemats, or everyone at the table could share the best part of their week.)

Share the idea with other family members and decide together on your new tradition. Then, encourage children to draw it out and put it in their own words (write down what they say on the lines). Post the page for everyone in the family to see!