A child adds money into a classic pink piggy bank.

Financial Education

Providing financial literacy for kids helps them understand what money is and teaches them how to make good financial choices.

Helping Kids Make Good Financial Choices with Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster’s mom knows that financial education is all about making choices. Watch Cookie Monster learn the basic concepts of saving, spending, and sharing—all with cookies!

Featured Webinar
Bright Financial Futures

A webinar to help support grown-ups and young kids in building bright financial futures together.

Financial Education
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Featured Game
Lemonade Stand

Helping Grover and Elmo run their lemonade stand to see how the value of a financial transaction is worth more than just money. Learn more here. 

Financial Education
Ages 1–6
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An animation of Elmo putting money in a jar.
Featured Podcast
Elmo’s Adventures in Spending, Saving, and Sharing
Listen along as Elmo learns financial basics from his everyday experiences.
Big Bird
As Young as 5
Children as young as five have specific reactions to spending and saving money, and those reactions translate into future spending behaviors.
Abby and a girl playing.

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