Every goal starts with taking a first step. Teaching kids to save money by collecting in a specific place—such as a piggy bank or a jar—shows kids concretely how much they are saving. Put a little change in every so often so they see how to save over time. Every time you save up to a certain small, new amount, celebrate by doing a fun “I Can Save” dance!

  • Start first with simple goals that kids can achieve over a short period of time. Once they master simple goals, like saving to buy a small treat, try setting larger goals that require saving over longer periods of time. Understanding how to wait for what they want can help kids learn to save for important things later in life.
  • Elmo and his friends count the dollars he earns and saves. You can also use this opportunity to discuss how math concepts are used in everyday situations. What happens each time Elmo adds a dollar to his jar?