Grover and child about too hug.

Impact Areas

Supporting children and families through challenges big and small.

Most people know us for our flagship television show, but Sesame Workshop is so much more: we’re a global impact nonprofit organization with a mission to help children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.

We create research-based media and resources for families around the world to help meet children’s most pressing needs. Our current areas of focus are: Emotional Well-Being; Literacy, Language & STEM; Creativity & Playful Problem Solving; and Self & Belonging.

A child and Karli strike a meditative pose together.
Emotional Well-Being
From celebrating joyful everyday moments, to understanding and expressing feelings, to helping parents and community providers recognize the signs of more serious mental health challenges, we’re helping children develop a foundation for future emotional well-being for years to come.
A child and Abby play with blocks.
Literacy, Language & STEM
We believe a good foundation sets up a child for success. That starts with the basics – ABCs, 123s, and beyond – to foster a lifetime love of learning.
Rosita looks on as a grown up and two kids learn to play the cello.
Creativity & Playful Problem Solving
When children develop creativity and playful problem-solving skills, they also develop the foundation for learning. We focus on encouraging flexible thinking and curiosity — sparking exploration and helping children see the joy in experimentation.
Gabrielle poses with two grownups and a child.
Self & Belonging
Building a positive sense of identity is critical to children’s healthy development — and research shows that valuing their own identities helps children grow into more confident and accepting adults.
A Muppet reads with children
Featured Initiative
Support for Families Affected by Crisis

Uniting programs around the world to deliver early learning and nurturing care to young children and caregivers affected by crisis.


Globally, only 2%

of humanitarian assistance goes to early childhood development.

1 in 36 Children

In the US is diagnosed with autism, according to 2020 data. Sesame Workshop promotes acceptance and provides tools to manage challenges.

Grover and a young child touch noses.

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47 Million
The number of children around the world who have been forcibly displaced — and millions have no access to early education.