Jad on a bicycle with a child.

Our Work

Generations of children have grown up watching Sesame Street, but we’re much more than a beloved TV show.

What began as a simple yet revolutionary idea in 1969 — to teach children through television — has grown into a global phenomenon, reaching more than 150 countries.

From timely research, to classroom curricula, to large-scale social impact projects, you can find us everywhere children and families learn and play.


Sesame Street Works

As they grow up, children who watch Sesame Street have 16% higher GPAs in high school than their peers

Impact Areas

A child and Karli strike a meditative pose together.

Emotional Well-Being

From celebrating joyful everyday moments, to understanding and expressing feelings, to helping parents and community providers recognize the signs of more serious mental health challenges, we’re helping children develop a foundation for future emotional well-being for years to come.

A child and Abby play with blocks.

Literacy, Language & STEM

We believe a good foundation sets up a child for success. That starts with the basics – ABCs, 123s, and beyond – to foster a lifetime love of learning.

Rosita looks on as a grown up and two kids learn to play the cello.

Creativity & Playful Problem Solving

When children develop creativity and playful problem solving skills, they also develop the foundation for learning. We focus on encouraging flexible thinking and curiosity — sparking exploration and helping children see the joy in experimentation.

Gabrielle poses with two grownups and a child.

Self & Belonging

Building a positive sense of identity is critical to children’s healthy development and research shows that valuing their own identities helps children grow into more confident and accepting and adults.

Where We Work

Sesame Workshop brings learning, laughter, and life lessons to children all over the world.

Little boy drawing.

East Asia and Oceania

Sesame Workshop has a long history in East Asia and Oceania — and it’s as varied as these vast regions.

Sesame Street Muppets and a crowd of children watering tulips.


For decades, Sesame has brought joy and learning to the lives of children across Europe.

Abelerdo playing soccer.

Latin America

Sesame Workshop has brought joyful learning to children in Latin America for more than 50 years.

Kids on steps with Jad.

Middle East and North Africa

Using media, playful learning, and caregiver support to help children in the region learn, connect, and build resilience

Kami surrounded by happy children in an alley


Sesame uses the power of media, partnerships, and community engagement to prepare children for a future full of opportunity.

Chamki smiling with group of young girls.

South Asia

Using the power of media and community engagement to bring playful learning and support to children across the region

Big Bird greeting a group of kids.

United States and Canada

From Sesame Street to classroom learning to community support, Sesame has been sweeping clouds away for over five decades.

Big Bird
150 Million
In 150+ countries — that’s how many children we support with life-changing early education.
A group of Sesame Street Muppets pose together during a parade.
Family Experiences
Themed Entertainment
We have more than 40 years of experience translating our whole-child curriculum into live experiences for young children of all abilities and interests.
Rosita and a young girl draw together with two adults in school.
Featured Initiative
Formal Education
Sesame Workshop has been an educational media pioneer for over 50 years. With formal education, we translate our unique brand of joyful learning and early childhood expertise to resources for caregivers, teachers, coaches, and school programs in the U.S. and around the world.
Grover and little boy.

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