Elmo and Lola, a pink Muppet from Plaza Sésamo, are dressed up in costumes and playing pretend!

Plaza Sésamo

Your friends Elmo, Abby, Comegalletas, Lola, and more are here to bring fun and learning in Spanish across Latin America.

So many ways to say, “Hello!”

Whether it’s, “Hola,” “Que tal,” “Que onda,” or another greeting, the Plaza Sésamo friends share all the ways friends say “Hello” to each other in Spanish in this upbeat song.

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First launched in Mexico in 1972, Plaza Sésamo stresses literacy, arithmetic, and social emotional development and has helped prepare generations of Latin American children to succeed in school.

A New Friend!

A New Friend!

It’s so fun and easy to make friends! Just listen to Lola, Pancho, Abelardo, and Gaby!

Lola Adventures: The Bottle Journey

Lola Adventures – The Bottle Journey

In another one of her wonderful adventures, Lola visits a recycling plant and learns how a plastic bottle can be turned into something else.

Eating Cookies and the Letter A

Eating Cookies and the Letter A

Today Cookie Monster learned that the word ‘airplane’ begins with the letter A! Let’s find out what else starts with the letter A!

Elmo’s World: Dancing

Elmo’s World – Dancing

Elmo discovers more about the different kinds of dancing!

Featured Curriculum
STEM Power
Lola, an adventure-loving 4-year-old, is always encouraging her friends to try new things. In a segment called Pequeñas Aventureras, Lola inspires children across Mexico and Latin America to engage in STEM learning, encouraging their sense of belonging in the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and math.
Featured Curriculum
Beyond Television
Plaza Sésamo goes beyond the basics to address children’s evolving needs. From financial empowerment to healthy habits, digital literacy to children’s rights, Plaza Sésamo helps children across Latin America face everyday challenges and become smarter, stronger, and kinder as they do.

Show Characters

Meet the Muppets from Plaza Sésamo.



Abelardo is a giant parrot who is optimistic and positive, but tends to take things literally. Abelardo loves to learn new things and is inquisitive, spontaneous, and sometimes timid.



Lola is a furry pink four-year-old who loves riddles, rhymes, songs, and surprises. She is confident, caring, playful, and loves to be challenged with new opportunities.



Pancho enjoys anything extreme: sports, music, games, singing, and eating. Pancho has a strong sense of pride and self-esteem, but deep down is very sensitive.

Pictogram of an Earth with heart.
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Plaza Sesamo Celebrates 50 Years in Mexico and Latin America

Lola is surrounded by farm animals wearing funny hats.
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Lola’s Farm

Practice colors and counting while exploring Lola’s farm.

One of Sesame Street’s first international co-productions, Plaza Sésamo broadcasts throughout Latin America, reaching 25 million children in 34 countries.