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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

We champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace and for the global community we serve.  

Our Commitment to DEI

Sesame Workshop is committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive world for all.  As a leader in representing the diverse identities of our audiences, we will continue to:   

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Mission and History Timeline
Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion since Day 1. Learn more about Sesame Street’s history.

Belonging in the Workplace   

Belonging is one of our core values. We take an intentional and collaborative approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a workplace where colleagues know they are welcome, and their voices are valued. Platforms like our DEI advisory council and employee resource groups (ERGs) are integral to our efforts, amplifying diverse perspectives from across the organization.

The Coalition for Antiracism & Equity (CARE) – Sesame Workshop’s DEI Advisory Council 

Launched as a task force in June 2020, CARE has been a catalyst for lasting change and progress toward diversity, equity, and inclusion at Sesame Workshop. With members from various backgrounds, areas of expertise, levels, and departments across the organization, CARE is uniquely positioned to advise on Workshop initiatives through a DEI lens and enhance the culture of belonging at Sesame.   

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our employee resource groups support an environment where all employees can thrive. These groups advocate on behalf of their communities and engage colleagues in necessary conversations about inclusion. ERGs are open to all employees, ensuring a rich membership experience grounded in celebration of culture and allyship. 

Our approach to launching our ERG initiative included an application process that invited employees to apply to start their groups with support from the DEI advisory council and our DEI department. Our current ERG network includes:

BE @ Sesame 

BE @ Sesame stands for Black Employees at Sesame and centers Black, African American, and Afro Latine identities at Sesame Workshop.


123Proud! is our ERG for LGBTQIA+ identifying colleagues and their allies.

API Belong

API Belong focuses on Asian and Pacific Islander heritage and identity.

Sesame SEEDS (Supporting Early Employee Development & Success)

Sesame SEEDS is a space for early career professionals to learn from and engage with each other.

Challenging Biases and Barriers to Equity 

We emphasize the importance of authenticity and celebrate diversity through opportunities to learn, explore, and reflect together. We also seek to increase equity of access for emerging writers and directors with our Sesame Workshop Writers’ Room and Directors’ Program fellowships.  

Learning Together

Our DEI-focused learning and development sessions help colleagues learn how to challenge stereotypes and biases, practice active allyship, and contribute to belonging in our workplace. We come together to explore these topics and more, in safe and brave space conversations.  

Sesame Shares DEI Speaker Series

Our Sesame Shares DEI Speaker Series creates space for staff members to engage with diverse perspectives, celebrate different identities, and listen to stories about others’ lived experiences.

Exploring Arab American Identity, Representation, and Advocacy

with Maya Berry, Executive Director of the Arab American Institute, and Joseph Elias, Senior Director, Program Management for International Social Impact at Sesame Workshop (April 2022)

Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum and Rich Williams, Senior Director of Consumer Insights at Sesame Workshop

African Americans and the Arts: Curating Spaces for Black Creatives

with Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum and Rich Williams, Senior Director of Consumer Insights at Sesame Workshop (February 2024)

Advancing DEI through our Work and Partnerships

Our intentional approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion requires full-time commitment and dedicated leadership.

Our Team

The Workshop’s diversity, equity, and inclusion team ensures the sustainability of our efforts. The Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Wanda Witherspoon, oversees a team dedicated to building and shaping our diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. As a member of our executive team, she partners directly with our interim CEO to ensure that the DEI strategy cascades throughout the organization.  

Additionally, our on-set DEI Advocate and Producer and Director of Talent Outreach & Inclusion & Content advise on representation in our content and the diversity of our talent behind and in front of the camera.   

The Culture Trust

The Culture Trust is a group of internal and external advisors that helps our content creation teams ensure authentically inclusive representation of culture and identity in our content pieces, from social media posts to licensed products. The Culture Trust serves as a key resource for creators across the organization. 

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Targeted Impact
Self-Identity and Belonging
Learn more about how we support children and families through challenges big and small by focusing on specific impact areas like Self-Identity and Belonging.
We invite our partners to join us in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.