4 friendly monsters wave behind a desk within a colorful workshop.


Got a problem? The Helpsters will help you solve it!

No Problem Too Big—or Too Small

The Helpsters are a one-of-a-kind team of vibrant and friendly monsters who love to solve problems. Whether faced with planning a party or climbing a mountain, the Helpsters can help figure anything out—because every solution starts with a plan.

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With its focus on critical thinking, collaboration, and persistence, Helpsters builds the everyday skills kids need to rise to life’s inevitable challenges, both individually and as part of a team.

Let’s Plan A Party

Let’s Plan A Party

It’s always fun to plan a party when you have the Helpsters on your side.

Fruit Pop

Fruit Pop

The Helpsters and Kassi Ashton sing the steps for cooling down with a sweet treat.

Building a Sandcastle

Building a Sandcastle

Who’s ready to build a sandcastle? With the help of the Helpsters, it’s easy to get the job done.

Bees! Buzzy MC’s

Bees! Buzzy MC’s

The Helpsters and Talib Kweli will have you buzzing with their song about bees.

If and Then

If and Then

If there was ever a time to get down, this is it. The Helpsters and The Mowgli’s teach kids how to use “if” and “then” in this danceable tune.

Featured Curriculum
Everything Starts With A Plan
The Helpsters teach critical thinking and pre-coding concepts, so children learn how to address challenges and simplify them to find solutions. Concepts taught include planning sequencing, condition and action, experimenting, flexible thinking, working memory, following directions, and managing emotions/self-control.

Show Characters

Meet the Helpsters.

Cody smiling.


Cody is the enthusiastic leader of the Helpsters, whose positive attitude never fails to rally everyone to action. Cody’s favorite thing to say is “How can we help you?” Some of her favorite things include dinosaurs, her grandmother, and that satisfying feeling you get when you check something off a list.

Scatter running.


Scatter is the youngest and most innocent of the Helpsters. Sometimes the way Scatter thinks can be a bit scattered, but he also has a talent for connecting unique ideas to find a solution. Scatter enjoys every kind of music and giving a gift to every customer who walks through the door.

Mr. Primm profile picture.

Mr. Primm

Mr. Primm is the most sophisticated and well-dressed member of the Helpsters. He is always willing to help, but sometimes gets hung up on the correct way to do something.

Heart profile picture.


Heart is the Helpster with the biggest heart. Be careful what instructions you give Heart, because Heart will only do exactly what you tell them. Heart enjoys making art (especially drawings of fish) and spending time with their big family.