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Latin America

Sesame Workshop has brought joyful learning to children in Latin America for more than 50 years.

Since Plaza Sésamo, now in 34 countries, and Vila Sésamo in Brazil debuted in the 1970s, Sesame Workshop has reached children across Latin America with joyful early learning and support, from ABCs and 123s to healthy habits, social-emotional lessons, and much more.

With media, technology, and the targeted educational programs we create with partners, we deliver critical early learning to families across the region, reaching over 40 million people through 77 partnerships.

Innovative technology helps us reach many of the over 6 million refugees and migrants who have fled Venezuela. Displaced children and families are provided free WiFi access to educational videos, activities, storybooks, games, and songs. And our Sésamo  ChatBot uses WhatsApp to bring caregivers a menu of resources that support child development.

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Sesame Workshop in Latin America
Families across the region use Sesame resources to support children with early learning; facing challenges big and small; and becoming smarter, stronger, and kinder.
Plaza Sésamo and Vila Sésamo

One of Sesame Workshop’s first international co-productions, Plaza Sésamo broadcasts throughout Latin America, reaching 25 million children in 34 countries. Along with Vila Sésamo in Brazil, it has helped prepare generations of Latin American children to succeed in school.

44 Million People

Our Latin American media, educational content, and social impact programs continue to grow every year.

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Featured News
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More Sesame Street Resources to Support Latin America

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