Play Money

Use this pretend money to have some extra fun during dramatic play.

Print out a few copies of this page. Invite children to color and cut out the pretend money.  

Use it in play activities such as: 

  • Setting up a pretend store (you might “sell” any items you have around you in your home) and taking turns being a store clerk and customer  
  • Making a pretend restaurant 
  • Setting up a pretend business, such as a pet-grooming or barber shop, toy car wash, even joke-telling stand 
  • Children can practice sorting and counting the pretend money.  

When children make up prices for their store, you can use the opportunity to talk about value—how important something is. “How much should we charge for the items in our store? Which item do you think should have the highest price? Which item should have the lowest price?” 

Invite children to make their own piggy banks for saving, spending, and sharing their pretend money.