Little Neighbors Can Do Big Things 

A new friend joins the Little Neighbors Club!

Communities aren’t just about people, places, and buildings, they’re also about the natural world around us! Watch the video with children, then talk about how caring for animals, plants, and the Earth is part of being a good neighbor. 

After watching the video, children may want to build a birdhouse of their own! For materials, you’ll need a milk carton, scissors, a small stick, some rope or ribbon, and materials for decorating.  

  1. First, grown-ups can cut a large hole in the front of the milk carton and a smaller hole below. 
  1. Next, poke the stick through the smaller hole as a perch for the birds. 
  1. At the top of the milk carton, grown-ups can cut another hole and thread the string or ribbon through it (this is how you will hang your birdhouse!) 
  1. Invite children to decorate however they would like!  
  1. Finally, hang the birdhouse in a place where children can see it. Sprinkle some bird seed at the bottom of the carton to give the birds a little snack! 

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