Engaging Kids with Nature and Community: Outdoor Activities and Adventures

Learning to care for the environment starts with loving the natural world around you.

One of the best things you can do to help the environment and your community is to help children have positive experiences in your environment and community! Children who find joy, pleasure, and meaning in the natural world often grow into adults who act to protect it.  

To help children find joy in the community and the natural world, try these ideas: 

  • Find a world of creatures! Take a scrap piece of wood and lay it on bare dirt. In a few days, come back and carefully flip it over to discover if any creatures have already made a home under the board. You can leave the board out and check on it from time to time to see what new things have appeared. 
  • Make a nature journal. Fold pieces of paper in half. Staple the fold to create a book. Help children write “Nature Journal” on the front and encourage them to draw pictures of things they see outside. 
  • Find a community garden. Community gardens are a great way to learn about nature and your neighbors! Find out if you have a community garden nearby. If not, you might look into creating your own community project for kids and starting a garden together. 
  • Help children start a nature club. Reach out to other families and community members to form a group that can meet up to take a walk in the woods, go bird watching, or even just share a picnic out in the sunshine.  
  • Most importantly, help children see the outside world and your community as a place to have fun and practice kindness.