Little Helpers, Big Helping

Kids are never too little to make a big difference!

Help children understand that, even though they are little, they can still make a big difference. Watch the video together, then talk about ways children can make positive changes in their community. A great way to teach children that they can have an impact on the world is to help them do it! After watching, think about the everyday work and chores your family does, and find ways that little ones can contribute, such as: 

  • Making beds 
  • Sweeping the kitchen 
  • Gathering dirty clothes 
  • Feeding a pet 
  • Helping set the table 

Being a little helper doesn’t have to only be about chores. For instance, making caring cards for family, friends, or teachers can help young children brighten a person’s day. Help children choose other specific, small acts that they can complete successfully.