Watch the video with children and remind them: We can teach our brains to help ourselves feel, learn, and work better. One way we can teach our brains is by talking to ourselves. 

Notice how Louie talks to himself when he’s frustrated, and let children see you model it in times of stress. You’ll be teaching a strategy they can use over their lifetimes! You might use phrases such as: 

  • I won’t give up; I can figure this out.  
  • I’ll take a deep breath and keep trying.  
  • I always find a way! 
  • I can do this/I got this.  
  • If I can’t do this, I’ll ask for help.  

The next time the moment calls for it, help your child do the same. 

Mindset Matters 

Mindset is how we see ourselves and the world around us. It’s the “lens” through which we understand events, handle challenges, and think about our own potential. And research shows that mindset is important to children’s overall health and development—it affects emotional and physical well-being, as well as learning and thinking skills. 

A compassionate mindset is the ability to see ourselves and others with kindness, understanding, non-judgment, and optimism. A compassionate mindset helps us be kind and loving to ourselves when we’re having difficult feelings and experiences and especially when we’re in a more serious state of distress. It helps us keep trying to reach our goals and ambitions even when there are hurdles.  

A compassionate mindset also helps us savor and celebrate the joy and beauty of life!