Comfort Container 

Help children take a quiet moment alone and soothe themselves. 

Watch the video together. Explain that when we’ve having a big feeling, there are a lot of ways we can take care of ourselves. Big Bird uses his comfort container; talk about some of the things he has in it.   

To make your own comfort container, invite children to decorate a box or bag (the size and material will depend on what you put in it; a bag like a backpack allows children to carry it from place to place). You might add:  

  • squeezy ball 
  • crayons and paper 
  • fidget spinner 
  • storybooks 
  • blanket 
  • photos of loved ones 
  • stuffed animal or doll 
  • fabrics of differing textures  
  • a small instrument like a kazoo 
  • bubble wrap to pop  
  • pinwheel for breathing exercise (breathe in deeply through the nose then exhale slowly out the mouth to make the pinwheel move) 

When children are having a big feeling or a hard time, offer or suggest their comfort container and ask whether they’d like to spend a few minutes alone or whether they’d like you to stay with them, like Big Bird’s Granny stayed with him.