From Attention to Connection: Responding to Challenging Behavior in Caring Ways 

In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies to help you support young children facing emotional challenges.  

When little children have big feelings, caring adults need to move fast. Changes in social behavior, eating habits and even extended bouts of sadness can compromise our ability to build smarter, stronger, kinder communities, one child at a time. But there are things we can do to help the youngest learners in our lives bounce back from challenges moments with joy, engagement, and drive. Join Erica Key, Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Learning Seeds, for an in-depth conversation with your friends at Sesame Street to explore effective strategies to support young children facing emotional challenges.  

In this webinar, we’ll explore how children can stay engaged in their learning environment, with concepts such as: 

  • Exploration: Children can move about the room, and spend time thinking with the materials and activities 
  • Interaction: Children begin receiving and responding to information about the rules, body language and facial expressions, and conversations happening with their peers 
  • Imagination: Children begin understanding, asking about, and adding to the ideas the group is sharing 

About Learning Seeds

Learning Seeds is an educator-led social benefit company dedicated to guiding early learners toward connection with the group experience. In their Boston-based practice, the Learning Seeds team of specialists works alongside children struggling with positive social engagement, at their schools and on the playground where they come in contact with their peers.

For early childhood educators, Learning Seeds offers training and coaching in the transformative techniques they apply in their day-to-day-work. Learning Seeds aims to extend personalized coaching to educators everywhere, offering the methods and solutions of expert practitioners without promoting those experts away from children

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