Sofia the Feelings Helper

Meet Sofia, Sesame Street’s very own social worker!

This video is for all children, whether or not they’re seeing a therapist or counselor! Children can learn along with Elmo and Karli to understand the job of “feelings helpers”—professionals who help children (and grown-ups too) when big feelings get too big, too often. 

Emotions like anger, sadness, and fear are natural and unavoidable, and they may be challenging for children and adults alike. But all feelings are there for a reason, all feelings are important, and learning to cope well with the difficult ones—rather than just “make them go away”—is the real goal. 

After watching, you might talk about helpers in general. Some helpers, like doctors and nurses, help keep our bodies healthy. Feelings helpers help keep our minds healthy. Other types of helpers, like firefighters and crossing guards, keep us safe. Talk about the many other helpers in your family’s life and the life of your community.  

Remind children that there are so many kinds of helpers, and that lots of kids and adults see feelings helpers. It’s a brave thing to do.