My Grown-Up Cares 

Explore the many ways in which children benefit from their relationships with caring adults.

When you listen to your child, share joyful moments, and offer comfort, support, and love, you’re helping them build a foundation of emotional well-being. The most important thing you can do for your child is to be a steady, loving presence in their lives!  

Together, read this storybook and use the grown-up “pop-up” prompts on each screen as special moments to connect.  

Just for You! 

Try these ideas any time: 

  • Together, name some other caring grown-ups your child feels safe with. 
  • Share one thing you love about your child every day.  
  • Slow down and savor the everyday joyful moments you have together.  
  • Have fun together by playing games or acting out stories. 
  • Follow children’s natural curiosity (“You’re looking closely at this leaf. What do you notice? I wonder what it feels like if we touch these vein lines.”).
  • Continue your loving bedtime routines. Share stories, books, memories from your day — and, of course, cuddles. 

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