My Feelings Garden

Help children explore and talk about different feelings.

Together, watch this video about feelings, then print and share this activity page.  

Feelings are like flowers in a garden — there are many different kinds, and they all need to be cared for. Invite children to color each flower and, as you go, share the explanations below. As you explore each feeling word with children, share a time you felt that way. Invite children to do the same (tell younger children about a time you noticed them feeling that way).  

  • Happy: We feel happy when we feel good inside.  
  • Nervous: When we’re nervous, we feel unsure about something.  
  • Calm: We feel calm when we are relaxed and peaceful.  
  • Disappointed: We feel disappointed when something doesn’t happen the way we wanted it to. 
  • Excited: We feel excited when we are very happy, and our body has lots of energy.  

Write other feelings in the blank flowers—maybe what each of you is feeling right now—and talk about them, too.  

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