12 Sesame Street Resources for Autistic Children and the People Who Love Them

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  • 12 Sesame Street Resources for Autistic Children and the People Who Love Them

Everyone belongs on Sesame Street. In 2015, Sesame Street welcomed 4-year-old Julia, a bright, creative, autistic child, to the neighborhood with open arms and hearts.

And while every month is the right month to See Amazing in all children, April is Autism Acceptance Month, which means it’s the perfect time to engage in open dialogue and foster greater empathy and understanding for autistic children and their families.

In that spirit, here are twelve games, videos, songs, activities, and resources made for autistic children and the people who love them.

1. The “We Belong” Song

Sing along with Elmo and Julia to the “We Belong” song. It’s true – you do!

2. A Little Bit Different, A Little Bit the Same

Flexibility can be a challenge for all children, but especially for children on the autism spectrum. Follow along with Julia in this storybook, which is all about structures, routines, and “mixing it up.”

3. Saying Hello

There are so many ways to say hello – and some of them don’t involve saying anything at all! Watch this video to learn more about all the different ways that friends can communicate with each other.

4. Everyday Routines

Small steps will still get you to the finish line. This fun game helps children to break everyday routines into smaller steps so that they go smoothly.

5. Sibling Guide

Every member of the family has feelings that are valuable. These printable pages help the siblings of autistic children to explore their many thoughts and feelings.

6. Thomas’s Story

Watch this video of an autistic boy named Thomas and learn more about his way of interacting with the world around him.

7. Being a Friend

Everyone needs friends. Kids and adults alike might find this article, all about being a good friend, helpful as they build a deeper understanding of autism.

8. A Change in Plans

A change in plans can be a challenge for all children, and especially for those with autism. Print out this coloring page and invite children to imagine that sometimes, a new plan is even more fun than the first one.

9. Meeting Unique Needs

Every child has unique needs that need to be met. This video explores some of the different strategies caretakers can use to meet those needs.

10. A Sibling Story

Families stick together no matter what. Children and adults alike can learn from this video all about families and autism.

11. A Day in the Life

Watch this sweet video for a look into the daily life and experiences of one autistic child.

12. Draw Me In

Everyone wants to feel like they belong, and on Sesame Street, they do. These printable coloring pages give children the opportunity to draw themselves into the Sesame Street community.

Interested in more?
For more resources on autism, visit our resources page or sign up for the free Sesame Street and Autism Webinar.