Print out the coloring page and invite children to color it in. You might say, “Sometimes a new plan is even more fun than the first plan!”

Here are some other ideas to build flexibility:

Make tiny changes in children’s routines to build tolerance for when real changes are needed. For instance:

  • Instead of blueberry pancakes, make banana pancakes. Or ask, “What’s your favorite color?” and add a few drops of food coloring to the batter to make pancakes of that color.
  • Have several pairs of mittens that you alternate among.
  • Put bubbles in the bath one day, but use bath crayons the next day.

Change the rules. If you usually clap along to a favorite song, try bouncing along with it instead. Instead of “Simon” Says, substitute another name.

Together, make a list of favorite indoor and outdoor activities. There is always the chance that weather will upend plans! Next time it does, choose an alternate activity from your list.

Use the word “flexible” in your conversation to get children used to the idea. Make sure to offer praise each time children show flexibility.