Eight Big Bird Songs That Will Have You Singing “La La La La La”

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March 20th marks the birthday of the biggest, friendliest yellow bird we’ve ever met.

Since he first arrived on Sesame Street in 1969, Big Bird has been charming children and adults alike with his caring heart, infectious joy, and unquenchable curiosity.

In honor of our favorite 8-foot-2 friend, here are eight Big Bird songs that will have you singing “la la la la la.”

1. ABC-DEF-GHI (1970)

Sing along with Big Bird to the most wonderful song we’ve ever heard about the most wonderful word we’ve ever seen.

2. Walkin’ Down My Street (1976)

Sesame Street is a special place, and nobody knows that better than Big Bird. In his words, “I’m at home and it’s a dream, walking down my street.”

3. That’s Cooperation (2013)

Big Bird is joined on Sesame Street by a whole flock of bird friends, who sing about how they can work together and cooperate to solve anything they set their minds to.

4. You Can Be a Birdketeer (1985)

In one particularly memorable moment, Big Bird sings and dances along with a group of sweet children, telling them that they too can be a birdketeer!

5. ABCs en Español (2020)

Big Bird and his Mexican cousin, Abelardo, get together on the beach to sing the ABCs in Spanish in this segment, which proves that two big birds are better than one!

6. I Wish it Would Rain (1981)

It’s a hot day on Sesame Street, and Big Bird, Mr. Hooper, Bob, and friends sing about just how refreshing it would be if only it would rain.

7. Believe in Yourself (1972)

If ever you’re feeling down, just know that Big Bird and his good friend, Diana Ross, believe in you, and you should, too!

8. Happy to Be Me (2011)

Stomp along and flap your wings to this sweet self-confidence anthem. We’re happy that you’re you, too, Big Bird!

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