Five Scenes That Remind Us Why It’s Important to Laugh

Playful learning is one of Sesame Street ’s specialties, and it’s always come with a hefty dose of laughs. Whether you’re teaching healthy habits, social-emotional skills, or the ABCs, humor can turn a simple lesson into an unforgettable memory.

After 54 years of giggles and guffaws, here are five classic scenes that still have us in stitches.

1. Kermit and Joey Sing the Alphabet

Is “Cookie Monster” a letter of the alphabet? We find it hard to disagree. Whether you laugh harder at Kermit’s faces or Joey’s infectious giggles, this classic scene captured just how much joy a fuzzy friend can bring to something as simple as the ABCs.

2. There’s a Fly in My Soup

Over the years, Grover and Mr. Johnson have had enough memorable encounters to fill a list of their own. But among all the mixed-up orders and foiled lunches, our favorite starts with a very small fly that sparked a large (and hilarious) argument.

3. Ernie Has a Banana in His Ear

While we’re on the topic of comedic duos, no list of Sesame Street laughs would be complete without our buddies Bert and Ernie. As different as they are, it’s moments like these that remind us why they’re the world’s best roommates.

4. The Martians Discover a Telephone

You don’t need a large vocabulary to have an audience rolling with laughter — you don’t even have to be from Earth! With their insatiable curiosity and trademark “yips,” the Sesame Street Martians turn something as mundane as a telephone into an intergalactic guessing game.

5. School Pageant: A Flower Grows

Some days we wake up feeling like Prairie Dawn, but on other days we’re more like Ernie. However on-top-of things you’re feeling today, we hope this classic pageant show brings a smile to your face.

Grover and a young child touch noses.

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