Try Not to Laugh Challenge: Bert and Ernie Edition

We may be biased, but we think that Bert and Ernie are one of most iconic comedy duos of all time. Between Bert’s steadfast demeanor (and super-expressive eyebrow) and Ernie’s playful jokes, this dynamic duo has been making us laugh since 1969.

We dare you to watch all ten of these clips without cracking a smile!

1. Ernie Gets Bert to Exercise

Are you laughing yet?

2. Bert and Ernie Blow a Fuse

How about now?

3. Bert’s Bust

Was that a smile we saw?

4. Ernie Buries Bert in the Sand

Come on, nothing?!

5. Bert Shops for Dinner

Okay, that one was funny.

6. Same Old Bert

How are you not laughing?!

7. Ernie Has a Banana in His Ear

Not even a grin for this classic?!

8. Bert Feels Cold

Let’s try again.

9. Ernie Eats Cookies in Bed

Okay, one more.

10. “Here Fishy Fishy”

Admit it: We got you!

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