Ten Sesame Street Resources All About Love 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But on Sesame Street, every day is the right day to celebrate all the people, places, and things that you love. 

Here are ten songs, videos, and activities that celebrate the power of love all year round. 

1. Showing We Care

Adults can help children to cut out these hearts, which they can color and give to someone they love and appreciate. 

2. I Love My Family

Watch along as Julia and her family sing about how much they love spending time together. 

3. “I Love You Because” Garden

Print out this activity, which encourages children and parents to talk about all the reasons they love each other. 

4. Mommy Love

Watch as Cookie Monster thinks of some special ways he can show his mommy how much he loves her. 

5. What We Love

Jot down all the people, places, and things that you love in this fun printable activity. 

6. Draw Your Love

Watch this animation and draw a picture of somebody you love very much…then give it to them to show your appreciation! 

7. I Love My Hair

It’s important to love who you are, and that includes loving your hair. Sing along loudly and proudly with this song so that the world knows you love your hair! 

8. You Are Loved

Print out this short, illustrated story and see how Elmo’s parents help him to know he is loved, even when he makes mistakes. 

9. Pigeons and Cookies and Trash

Watch as Bert, Cookie Monster, and Oscar sing about the things that they love the most. 

10. Elmo Loves You

Last but not least… Never forget that Elmo loves you! 

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