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In challenging times, it’s important that children and adults alike take care of themselves so that they can take care of each other. Sesame Workshop, the global nonprofit behind Sesame Street, is here for you. 

No matter your age, here are ten resources to help you get started on your #EmotionalWellBeing journey. 

1. Showing We Care

This fun and interactive activity provides tips and tricks to help turn everyday moments into opportunities to rest, recharge, and reset. 

2. Self-Care

Sometimes, adults need a reminder that taking care of themselves is not optional. These quick tips for self-care can help you the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

3. The Happiness Lab

Everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends teamed up with Yale University’s Dr. Laurie Santos to discuss all things happiness in this three-part podcast, available to listen to on Pushkin. 

4. Taking Care of Myself

This engaging webinar aims to help adults understand their own stress and acquire tools they can use to manage it in their daily lives.  

5. Stretch, Breathe, Move

Our bodies can teach us a lot about our feelings. These fun exercises are intended to help all ages to relax, refocus, and work through big feelings. 

6. Connecting Mind, Body, and Heart

The mind-body connection is essential to being happy and healthy. Learn more about connecting your mind, body, and heart so that you can be your best self.  

7. Goodnight, World!

Follow along and get some relaxing ZZZs with this podcast series brought to you by Sesame Workshop and Headspace Studios. 

8. Monster Meditation

Children and adults alike can benefit from meditation. Find out more in this video featuring Elmo and friends from all around the world. 

9. Circles of Care

Even caretakers need to be cared for. These tips and tricks can help ensure you’re able to show up for yourself so that you can show up for others. 

10. Elmo’s Mindfulness Spectacular

Join Elmo and friends as he navigates the big feelings that come along with putting together a talent show in this 45-minute YouTube special.

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