Five Times Elmo Helped Us to Grow Smarter, Stronger, and Kinder 

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  • Five Times Elmo Helped Us to Grow Smarter, Stronger, and Kinder 

Since its inception in 1969, Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, has had one mission: helping children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. No one – and certainly no monster – embodies this mission quite like Elmo, everyone’s favorite furry 3.5 year-old red monster. Since his official debut in 1984, Elmo has grown smarter, stronger, and kinder alongside multiple generations of children. 

Here are five moments from Sesame Street when Elmo took us along on that journey: 

5. When Elmo Helped Curly Bear Say Goodbye to Her Pacifier

In the Season 46 episode “Bye, Bye Pacifier,” Elmo runs into Baby Bear and his little sister Curly Bear, who is having trouble giving up her pacifier. With kindness, understanding, and compassion, Elmo tells Curly Bear all about his own journey of giving away his “binkies,” and gently encourages her to consider doing the same, as she’s a big kid now! 

4. When Elmo Learned About His Feelings

There’s no greater sign of strength than being able to recognize and name your feelings, big and small. This scene shows Elmo’s daddy, Louie, teaching Elmo how to manage challenging feelings by taking account of what he “notices,” “feels,” and “can” do

3. When Elmo Taught Us That Anyone Can Be Friends

This instant classic, which first aired in Season 48, taught us one of the most important life lessons of all – that anyone can be friends! Whether you’re a monster, a Martian, a child, or a grown-up, a great way to start is smiling and asking kindly, “Do you want to be my friend?” 

2. When Elmo Shared His Cookies with Cookie Monster

Sharing can be challenging, but it is an essential part of forging strong bonds with friends. Though Elmo was initially reluctant to share his delicious cookies with Cookie Monster, he quickly learned that sharing is, indeed, caring! 

1. When Elmo Quite Literally Taught Us the Meaning of Kindness

In this segment of Elmo’s World, Elmo’s learns all about kindness. Whether it’s giving your friend a hug when they are sad, picking up trash on the street, or volunteering to help a family member with their chores, there are unlimited ways to be kind. 

What’s your favorite way to grow smarter, stronger, and kinder? Let us know on social media using the hashtag #smarterstrongerkinder