Finding Support in Friendships

Help a child to remember his "circle of care" in times of sadness.

  1. Tell kids that when Abby feels sad about her parents’ divorce, she remembers all the people who love and care for her. Show them the coloring page and say something such as, “On the way to the park, Abby sees all her amazing friends and family!”
  2. As kids color in the path, ask them to identify Abby’s friends. Point out that some are family (her parents) and some are friends (Rosita, Elmo, animals). They all love and support Abby.
  3. Talk together about kids’ own amazing friends and family, and how each person is special to them. (“Who do you go to for a good hug?” or “Who makes you laugh?”) These people may be near or far, but explain that love is love no matter how far apart we are. You might help them set up playdates with nearby friends, or send e-mails or letters to friends and family far away (or set up a video chat with them).