Together, watch this video about a special new family on Sesame Street and learn how they all came together. Depending on children’s age, you might ask them to explain how all four characters are all related (Abby and Rudy are stepsiblings, Freddie is Abby’s stepfather, Maggie is Rudy’s stepmother, and so on).

Then invite children to talk about their own family:

  • Abby was having a hard time because she missed her daddy. What’s hardest about the changes in our family?
  • What do you think might make it easier? Let’s think of some things that may help.
  • How is our family like the monster-fairy family? How are we different?
  • What is something you really like doing with [someone in our new blended family]?
  • How are you the same as [someone else in our family]? How are you different from each other?