Adjusting to Two Homes

Use this video to show children that many other kids have two homes.

  1. Before you watch, talk together about what makes a home a home. Listen to children’s ideas and ask questions about what they’re saying to get the conversation started. Explain that a home is not just a place to live, it’s a place you are loved! Some people have one home, some have two, and some have more.
  2. As you watch the video together, help children connect Abby’s experience to their own (“Abby has one home with her mom and one with her dad, just like you,” or “Abby’s parents both love her very much, just like yours do.”).
  3. Invite kids to draw pictures of their two homes and ask them to describe each drawing. Help them identify things they like about each home: “What do you like to do at Mommy’s?”; “What do you like about Daddy’s home?” (It might be a certain room, a special activity, and so on.) There are comforts and joys in both homes and, most important, people who love them.
  4. Suggest that kids display one picture in each home to remind them of the other.