Tell Me About It

Asking children questions and listening to their answers lets you know what’s on their minds.

Engaging kids in conversation helps you reconnect after being apart. It also helps you break the ice, stay current with kids’ lives, and strengthen your relationship. Here are ways to build in moments of connection, especially when day-to-day life tends to take over!

  • Use one-on-one time to ask one or two of these questions as a starting point for a more in-depth conversation. (Try when your child isn’t tired, hungry, or busy!)
  • Pick and choose the questions you think would be best for your child (some are silly, some more serious; skip questions that don’t feel right) and then elaborate on them, based on your child’s responses.
  • Take turns answering questions, and let this be the start of a conversation. Answer for yourself first, if your child is hesitant.
  • Listen closely to your child’s responses. If you answer the questions too, share your thoughts in a non-judgmental way, without lecturing or shaming. Be honest and thoughtful with your own responses.
  • Extend the conversation beyond one-word answers. Try saying, “What else?”, “Tell me more about that”, “Why do you think so?”, or “Have you always felt that way?”