Grover sitting with a group of children.

Coming Together

Celebrating positive identity & belonging.

Coming Together is a Sesame-wide initiative that helps children grow up with a healthy self-identity and sense of belonging.

We’re working to build a future where all children can reach their full potential — and do so in celebration of our diverse world. Our research-based, child-centered resources include the whole family, inviting parents and caregivers, educators, and providers to help children celebrate their own race, ethnicity, and culture and become upstanders for themselves and one another.

Let’s get started!

We know that young children are very curious (and observant) learners who work hard to make sense of themselves and the world around them. Use these award-winning videos to spark conversations about your family’s culture and traditions. Begin by watching, exploring, and talking together!

All About Me & You

I Am Somebody

I Am Somebody (Giant Song) | #ComingTogether

We can all be proud of who we are! And we when we stand together, we stand tall “like a giant” against racism… and help build a better world. Sing “I Am Somebody” along with Elmo, Abby, Rosita, and their new friend Wes —and celebrate you.

Best Friends Band

Sesame Street: See Us Coming Together Song with Ji-Young, Elmo, and their friends!

Become a member of the Best Friends Band! Sing along with Ji-Young, Elmo, Abby, and Tamir about how we all belong to one another, in this See Us Coming Together Song!

¡Todos juntos! All Together Song!

¡Todos juntos! All Together Song!

¡Todos juntos! All together! Join Rosita and her Sesame Street friends as they celebrate Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month and welcome a new neighbor, 5- year-old Marisol! Marisol is proud of her Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage, and loves to share her family’s favorite songs and dances with her friends. Let’s sing along and celebrate together!

Kids Meet a Dancer

Kids Meet a Dancer

Sesame Street and HiHo Kids have partnered to create an amazing opportunity for kids and their favorite Sesame Street friends to meet Samantha Lopez, a dancer who happens to use a wheelchair. They ask her how she got into dancing, and even get to see some cool dance moves!

You and Me Makes We Song

You and Me Makes We Song

Kind words and actions can go a long way when making friends! Learn more about the power of compassion in this brand-new song! Produced by Six Point Harness. Music Created by Danny Lapidus and Hot Peas ‘n Butter

Word of the Day

Showing Fairness with Brett Goldstein”

Showing Fairness with Brett Goldstein

The Word of the Day is Fairness! Brett Goldstein and Tamir are showing fairness on Sesame Street. Fairness can be making sure every gets a turn when playing, helping clean up after making a mess, or sharing a freshly baked cookie with a hungry Cookie Monster!

Celebrate Diversity with Troy Kotsur

Celebrate Diversity with Troy Kotsur

The Word of the Day is Diversity! Diversity is all about understanding and appreciating our differences. Troy Kotsur, Rosita, and The Count are celebrating the different things that make them who they are, like how they look, where they are from, their language, and more! They also have something in common: being friends!

Showing Confidence with Kal Penn

Showing Confidence with Kal Penn

The Word of the Day is Confidence! Confidence is when you believe in yourself and your abilities, or the abilities of others! Kal Penn is confident in his acting and speaking in public, while Grover shows off his confidence in his ability to jump over the Sesame Street sign while riding a unicycle and balancing a stack of books!

Use Your Voice with Amanda Gorman

Use Your Voice with Amanda Gorman

The Word of the Day is Voice! Amanda Gorman shows Bert and Ernie we can use our voices to express our feelings and support one another, especially when we do it together.

Traditions with Zahn McClarnon

Traditions with Zahn McClarnon 

The Word of the Day is Tradition! Traditions are special things we do that are passed down from person to person in our family over time. When Big Bird, Auntie Nani Bird, and their friend, Zahn McClarnon get together, they share some of their different family traditions with each other. Big Bird loves learning about what makes each tradition special, so he creates a new one with his friend.


Parents and Caregivers

Reported in our 2021 survey that their kids age 6-11 experienced racial discrimination.

Featured Study
Family Reflections On Racism Study
We wanted to find out how children are experiencing and processing conversations about race. Learn more in our 2021 study with 147 families.
children's hands stacked.
Featured Study
Coming Together: Family Reflections On Racism Study

For this report, Sesame Workshop explored how children experienced or processed the 2020 surge in media coverage of violent acts of racism.

The ABCs of Racial Literacy

Children are not born colorblind. We know that babies notice physical differences, from skin color to eye shape and hair texture. This unique set of resources provides you with language and parenting strategies to talk with your child about race and racism, as well as tools to cope with racism together as a family.

Meet the Characters

Get to know characters from Coming Together.

Ji-Young waves and smiles.


Ji-Young is a spunky seven-year-old who loves to play her electric guitar and is always willing to play a song with her friends on Sesame Street. Ji-Young also loves playing soccer and rolling along the street on her skateboard.



Tamir is an 8-year-old boy who loves to read and draw, especially silly superheroes with all sorts of unusual powers! Tamir also loves trying to build different gizmos and gadgets.

Elijah smiling and posing with his arms crossed


Elijah is Sesame Street’s meteorologist who lives with his wife, Naomi, and son, Wes. He enjoys working out, running, and just being outdoors – preferably on a nature walk with Wes! Elijah is always there to listen and teaches his son to respect himself and others.

Wes waving happily


Wes is a 5-year old with a great imagination who loves going to kindergarten, where one of his favorite things is playing pretend with friends. Wes is fascinated by architecture: he visits the library for books about famous buildings, and makes his own forts at home.

Gabrielle posing with her hands on her hips


Gabrielle is a six- and 3/4-year-old girl with a vibrant and curious personality. She enjoys singing, dancing, and going on nature walks with her friends.