Meet the Lee family: Dad David, mom Christine, and kids Logan, Emily, and Leo. In this video, the family discusses fairness, justice, their coping strategies, and their hopes for the future.

Watch the video yourself before deciding whether to share with children. Think about the conversations you’ve had with your own children around race and racism, and notice if there are any similarities.

As you watch, you might jot down:

  • What you might say in your own conversations
  • Ideas you want to try
  • New information you hadn’t considered
  • Things you’d like to think more about or discuss with other adults

After you watch, you might think about:

  • How would such a conversation look in your home? How would you want your family’s conversation to be the same or different?
  • What is this family doing that you might want to do more of? What might you want to adjust? Is there something else you might want to do?
  • In what ways are you proud of your family? What makes your family unique?
  • How do you take care of yourself (as an individual and as a family) when race-related stress gets to you? How do you help children learn to take care of themselves? What else can you do to help yourself feel strong?