Tell children they are going to watch a video about community, and that a community is made up of all the people and places in our neighborhood. A community is a place in which we all belong. Everyone is part of a community, and each one of us brings our own special strengths to our community. Schools and daycares are communities, too.  

Watch the video once though and then talk about something special your child likes to do (for instance, Ji-Young plays electric guitar, and Abby does magic). There are big ideas in the song, so it’s helpful for children to watch it a few times and move and groove along.  

 After listening a second or third time, try to personalize the lyrics with children’s names, and talk about how they each bring something special to their own community: 

___ is the only one him/her! 

I am the only one me. You are the one you  

And that’s a great thing to be! 

Some of us love to ____ 

Some love _____, some of us _____  

All of us are who we are 

Some of us like to _____, some of us dance and play 

Some of us ______ 

We all do things our own way! 

All of us are special and still we all agree… 

when we come together we all make a community 

Some of us speak _____ 

And some speak _____ too 

And laughing, and playing, and celebrating  

Is something we ALL can do!  

All of us are neighbors, all of us volunteer
To be kind to one another, our community’s always here  

Our community’s always here!