The single most common factor in resilient children is the presence of a caring, supportive adult… and you can be that adult! 

You might share this song with children facing challenges big or small. Explain that resilience means having ways to get through hard times and to become even stronger—not in our bodies, but in our minds and hearts. 

Mention ways in which we can all build resilience. Later, try one of these strategies together: 

  • Naming, talking about, or drawing our feelings 
  • Asking for and giving help 
  • Taking care of ourselves by eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep and exercise 
  • Taking a break to do things we enjoy 
  • Sticking to a daily routine 
  • Thinking of hard times we’ve had in the past and remembering that we got through them 
  • Remembering we’re not alone (spending time with the people we love in person, on the phone, or on video chats) 
  • Reminding ourselves that hard times are temporary (not forever) 
  • Letting ourselves make mistakes and learn from them, then keep trying and practicing 
  • … and giving and getting hugs! 

Remind children that they (and the whole family) have already built a lot of resilience during the pandemic. You can sing the song together in any challenging moment, encouraging children to echo the words “bounce back.”