Parenting is a whirlwind and can feel overwhelming at times. A great way to slow down and just enjoy one another is to make time to play together each day. Even ten minutes of uninterrupted together time can make a big difference.

Start by getting rid of distractions. Try leaving your devices in another room. Promise yourself that you will not answer the phone, text, or check emails for the next ten minutes.

Let your child know, “For the next ten minutes, you and I will have fun together. I’m all yours!” Then try any one of these ideas to spark your play adventure:

  • Present an empty cereal box and ask, “What can we turn this into?”
  • Bring out some fun clothes and suggest, “Let’s both put on the silliest outfit we can find.” You might even set a timer to make it a race.
  • Gather your child’s stuffed animals and pretend to give each one a bath or put each one to bed, singing a lullaby each time.
  • Lay out a blanket inside or outside and have a quick picnic, pretend it’s a boat, pretend you’re at the beach, or pretend it’s a flying carpet.
  • With toy cars and a piece of cardboard, work together to make a ramp. Zoom the cars around!