Provider-Parent Communications Log 

A printable page to help parents and caregivers communicate about a child’s day.

Communication is key to ensuring the children in your care can thrive in every way. You’re likely already communicating with families in a variety of means — through your daily interactions at drop-off and pick-up or through phone calls, texts, or emails. These printable pages are another tool you can add to your communication toolbox.  

Each day, consider sending the “All About My Day” page home with children to share with parents and other caregivers: 

  • One fun thing the child learned or enjoyed that day 
  • What they ate during meals 
  • Bathroom routines 
  • Nap and rest times 
  • Additional notes (this could be things like a question for parents or other caregivers, something interesting or silly a child said, or anything else you want to share! If it’s something you’d like a response to, you can request a response on the back of the page) 
  • Items or materials you may need for the child’s day (such as diapers, wipes, extra clothes, snacks, etc.) 

Each month, you might send the “All About My Month” page home with children to share with parents and other caregivers about: 

  • What children are learning  
  • Upcoming events 
  • Reminders  
  • Activities or tips for how families can extend the learning at home

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