Helping Kids Stay Connected

Help parents to encourage their child to connect with a family member in prison.

  1. Watch this video together with parents. Ask, “How does Nylo remind you of your own child?”
  2. Ask parents to describe how Nylo communicates with his mom (he writes letters and keeps him mom’s letters in a special box). Provide shoeboxes or other small boxes and invite parents to decorate them and give them to their child, so they can do what Nylo does.
  3. Have parents describe the routines that Nylo shares with his father (going fishing, talking about his feelings, playing basketball). What routines do parents share with their kids, and what routines might they begin to share? List them on chart paper.
  4. Have participants list other ways in which kids can connect with a parent in prison, and record them on chart paper, too. Some parents may have developed very creative and interesting ways! Ask about their experience with each method, and have them share advice they’d give to the others in the room around communication.