Especially for Providers: Circles of Care

“Recharge your battery” with community, friendship, and self-support.

By Tori DeAngelis, American Psychological Association 

It takes a village to raise a child. People who care for kids—teachers, social workers, health-care providers, and so many more—are among the greatest contributors.  

But you need care, too. There are simple, creative ways to tap into community and personal supports to gain renewed energy for your important work. Psychological research shows these strategies work.  

Take personal inventory. When you’re busy and stressed, it can be difficult to see the good things right in front of you. Think about special people in your immediate life that you haven’t connected with for a while and suggest easy ways to meet up.  

Broaden your idea of self-care. When people think of self-care, it’s often about pricey things like massages or trips to the spa. Instead, consider small, sustainable actions that can help you de-stress, like walking with a friend or colleague in a local park or taking a few minutes to breathe, sing, or stretch.    

Develop nourishing rituals. You can build your own inner resilience, while also helping children and families, by creating consistent, uplifting practices for yourself and those around you. Start each day with a positive affirmation or create a serene corner in your home or professional setting that everyone knows is there solely for the purpose of re-centering and gaining calm.  

Let screen time help. There are many online support groups for specific professions and needs. If you crave connection with like-minded others, there’s probably a good fit.  

Source: Maryam M. Jernigan-Noesi, PhD, founder and CEO of Jernigan & Associates, LLC, in Atlanta.