Here are some ways to help kids learn about teamwork:

  • Call all hands on deck. A job that is hard for one person to do is easier when everyone pitches in. Say, “We can’t go outside (or read our story, etc.) until we’ve cleaned up. The more people who help, the faster we’ll get it done.”
  • Work as a “dream team.” Find a project—such as making a large picture to decorate the wall—that everyone can work on together. When it’s finished, have everyone on the team sign their name before showing it off.
  • Sharing is a way of showing you care—and it can be a lot more fun! Say, “Suppose Cookie Monster has lots of cookies, but no milk. And Elmo has milk, but nothing to eat with it. What do you think they should do?”
  • Mine, yours, ours. Not everything needs to be shared. Have kids set aside a few favorite items that are not for sharing. Put those things on a special shelf or in a box. This may make it easier to share other items.
  • Give a helping hand. Invite kids to trace around one hand on a piece of paper. On each finger, help them write one way in which they help their friends, and then sign their name on the palm.