Sweep the Clouds Away with these 10 Sesame Street Songs to Help Boost Your Confidence

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It’s normal to occasionally have big feelings that leave you with less confidence than usual.

Luckily, Sesame Workshop, the global nonprofit behind the hit TV series Sesame Street, has been helping children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder since 1969.

On those days that you just need a little extra help to sweep the clouds away, you can sing along with your favorite furry friends (as well as some fun celebs!) to these confidence-boosting songs.

10. I Am Special

Grover just had an epiphany: He is special, and you are, too! Sing along with cute and adorable furry little Grover to this self-love anthem for the ages.

9. Don’t Give Up

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It’s important to listen to Bruno Mars, Rosita, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Cookie Monster when they say (and sing) don’t give up!

8. I Love My Hair

There’s a reason this clip has over 20 million views on YouTube, and it’s because people of all ages and backgrounds can relate to its joyous message of self-love. We really love your hair, too!

7. I Wanna Be Me

Children of the ‘80s might remember Cecille, a spunky orange ball of clay who is full of confidence and likes herself just the way she is. Rock on, Cecille!

6. Believe in Yourself

NSYNC stopped by Sesame Street to deliver an important message to Elmo and friends in the form of a catchy song. Believe in yourself, and you can be what you want to be and go where you want to go!

5. I Am Somebody (Giant)

This catchy tune is all about being proud of who you are, and standing tall like a giant in the face of anyone or anything that tells you that you are not perfect just the way you are. Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Rosita, and Wes are #ComingTogether to build a better world, and you can join them by singing along!

4. Just Happy to Be Me

Your individualism is something to be celebrated. Just ask Kingston Livingston III, who takes pride in singing and dancing to the beat of his own drum.

3. One Fine Face

What do Elmo, Ernie, and you all have in common? Having one fine face! Sing along to the Sesame Street classic, which celebrates the parts of the body that help you see, hear, speak, and more.

2. Proud of Me

Grover is very proud of himself and is not afraid to sing about it. We love your confidence, Grover!

1. Smarter, Stronger, Kinder

This catchy confidence-booster has been a Sesame Street staple ever since Season 46, when it began closing out every episode of the show. Go on, you know the words!

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