4 Classic Sesame Street Songs That Taught Us Something Special

The music of Sesame Street has been making us smile since 1969, but it’s also taught us many of childhood’s most important lessons.

Whether we were learning about self-confidence, our communities, or our ABCs, music has always been a fundamental part of playful learning on Sesame Street.

Join us as we look back on four unforgettable songs and the equally memorable lessons they taught us.

1. People in Your Neighborhood

These are the people in your neighborhood, the people that you meet each day! From grocers and doctors to plumbers and librarians, this iconic tune has reappeared many times throughout Sesame Street ’s 54 seasons, introducing children to all the important people who make their neighborhood what it is.

2. Pinball Number 12

This tune was one of eleven songs recorded by the Pointer Sisters for Sesame Street, counting from 12 all the way up to the number 12. Whether or not they first taught us to count to 12, these catchy tunes made sure we’d never forget!

3. Believe in Yourself with Ray Charles

Ray Charles visited Sesame Street many times over the years, and it’s hard to pick a favorite appearance (or a favorite song). However, “Believe in Yourself” stands out for teaching two important lessons—the importance of braille, and the importance of self-confidence!


Of all the ways you can teach the alphabet, Big Bird’s classic song is unique. While our feathered friend didn’t quite get it right the first time, he certainly had the right spirit, and his mistake gave us all the chance to learn with him as our friend Susan set us straight.

Muppet Julia plays different musical instruments with two children and their mother.

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