We Got This: A “Together Poem”

Through rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, parents remind children of the most important strategies for coping with crisis.

When adults display confidence and optimism for a better future, children naturally feel more secure. Parents and children can read this poem aloud together, using the icons to tell who reads which lines. 

As they share these important ideas that children need to hear, parents are helping children build reading confidence as they point to and read aloud the same three words: “We got this!” 

The lines in the poem are all crucial strategies for children to remember: 

  • Breathing deep and stretching tall. (This can be done anywhere, perhaps as part of a morning routine.) 
  • Remembering it’s not your fault. (It’s very common for children to think that a bad thing happened because of something they did.) 
  • Finding help and having hope. (Remind children that it’s brave to ask for help, and that having a sense of hope and optimism can keep their families going.) 
  • Hugging tight and holding close. (Nurturing touches go a long way in helping children feel safe and loved.) 
  • Remembering it’s not forever. (Children benefit from remembering that their situation is just one page in their family’s story.) 

Think of other ideas to add to the poem, and write them on the back (they don’t have to rhyme). Then read the poem together again and again, anytime. If possible, display it in your space or keep it in your pocket.